Streu & Saale Wind Park, Bavaria

At the point at which construction was meant to start, the wind park became reassigned to a different wind turbine manufacturer – an unforeseen change which posed us great challenges. From a technical point of view, the course of the external cable line originally planned was unfeasible and was rezoned in large parts to an approvable state, including the rail crossing, and brought to life by ourselves. Despite the enormous time pressure, we were able to use these circumstances positively and further optimised the original design and implementation plan. Despite everything, construction started and proceeded as scheduled, meaning that the wind park was able to be connected to the grid after just seven months’ construction – a fact that we are proud of. A further challenge in this project was the access to the wind park: In order to allow deliveries and the erection of the wind turbine to run smoothly, we firstly needed to plan, obtain approval for, and then build a motorway exit on an open track.


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