PV-project Sobów - Information on construction progress

wiwi consult is climate-neutral!
We have compensated our CO2 emissions caused since 2016 in a project for the renaturation of the Ahlenmoor in the district of Cuxhaven.

In April we successfully completed our repowering project in the Hunsrück region. The seven Enercon E-141 turbines with a hub height of 159 metres produce around 67 Million kWh per year.

Whether during the planning and financing or the construction stage or when already in operation, we will identify tweaks which can be made to increase the economic efficiency and competitiveness of projects.

Our management team combines more than 90 years’ experience in the wind sector and brings out the best – from a technical and financial point of view – from every wind energy project.

In September 2020, after 10 months of construction, we succesfully completed our project on the Schwarzenberg (Gau-Bickelheim). The Enercon E-138 turbine has a hub height of 131 metres and a total height of 200 metres.

The team

The wiwi consult team brings together many years of experience in the planning, financing, implementation and operation of wind turbines. Each of us utilises his or her strengths in their respective area of expertise, giving you, the customer, the opportunity to draw on a wide portfolio of services.

Michael Böhm | Managing partner

Michael has been working in the wind power sector for more than 17 years. The focus of his work to date lay, for one thing, in the development and expansion of foreign markets at two large German project development companies. In his role as managing director there, he was in charge of companies in Canada, Poland and South Africa. Prior to being involved with wiwi consult, he was responsible for the purchase of wind turbines at juwi AG and, during his time there, concluded wind turbine supply contracts worth around 1.4 billion EUR in total.

Dr. Jörn Parplies | Partner

Our “wind whisperer” possesses a wealth of valuable experience when it comes to the big question of how much wind is expected at a location – and how best to utilise it. With a doctoral degree in geosciences, Jörn has provided support to more than 100 wind measurement campaigns around the world and also been in charge of wind and yield assessments for a project portfolio comprising more than 1,000 MW. When designing a wind park, he is only satisfied once every last possibility to optimise the yield has been exhausted – a strong basis for a successful project.

Torsten Höllwarth | Partner

“Nothing is impossible – every site can be appropriately accessed and built upon in a cost-optimised way!” Torsten puts this motto into practise in his work every day. He has been planning and erecting wind turbines since 2001. In recent years, the graduate civil engineer and certified project manager has been responsible for the construction and launch of wind, solar and bioenergy projects with an installed capacity of more than 750 MW.

Thomas Zenk | Partner

As a born and proud Franconian, Thomas manages the project financing and project marketing with the same calmness and composure the region is known for. Having also worked in the wind power industry for more than 10 years, he brings extensive experience in project financing and commercial management, including in international contexts.

Michael Schmitz | Partner

The “veteran” among our ranks possesses the most experience. The trained electrical engineer has devoted more than 20 years of his career to the operation of wind turbines and their connection to the grid. The different perspectives from which he is able to see issues are of particular value: His positions of responsibility at wind turbine manufacturers as well as project development and operational management companies have provided him with extensive expertise in all matters relating to technical planning and optimal operation of wind turbines.

Dominik Ehrenthal | Head of Project Financing

Mastering the day-to-day work in this fast-paced sector requires a certain degree of calmness. Our numbers man, Dominik, achieves this thanks to his relaxed nature. As head of project financing, he takes care of the structuring, financing and marketing of the projects. With more than ten years’ experience in the wind sector, it takes a lot to fluster the qualified business economist.

Sarah Heidenreich | Project Manager

Things which many others would give a wide berth to don’t pose any problem to her. Planning permissions, land registry matters and contracts of all types land on Sarah's desk. With her trained eye for detail and associated degree of thoroughness, there is no contract which is too complicated. She first fell into the topic of renewable energy back while studying economic and environmental law and has remained true to the industry for more than 15 years now.

Kai Bak | Project Manager

When accuracy is required, Kai is in demand. The trained draughtsman draws up all the relevant plans for our wind and solar projects and brings all planning data to life in 3D on paper and the computer screen. In order to achieve this, he also regularly pays personal visits to construction sites in order to gain his own impression and overview. His designs draw on more than eight years’ experience in the wind sector, including a spell as head trainer for CAD. Kai has been part of our team since 2017.

Julia Miller | Project Manager

Julia has been an integral part of wiwi consult since 2016. Having started as a student trainee, she has been working as a project manager since 2020, after completing her studies in Environmental Engineering. She is primarily responsible for site inspections, potential analyses, supervision of wind measurements, and takes care of the preparations for yield calculations. As an expert for geographic information systems (GIS) she is also responsible for the maintenance, processing, analysis and presentation of geospatial data. In addition to these competencies, she is a strong advocate of the energy turnaround and a sustainable lifestyle.

Clemens Weis | Project Manager

During a year abroad in Ireland, Clemens decided to become professionally involved in environmental protection. He studied Industrial Engineering and later worked for wiwi consult as a project manager in the wind energy industry. Before that he had already worked for the company as a student trainee for one year. At wiwi consult he is responsible, among other things, for grid connection and plant certification, as well as for cable and route planning. Moreover, he accompanies the acceptance processes of our projects with remarkable meticulousness.