PV-project Sobów - Information on construction progress

wiwi consult is climate-neutral!
We have compensated our CO2 emissions caused since 2016 in a project for the renaturation of the Ahlenmoor in the district of Cuxhaven.

In April we successfully completed our repowering project in the Hunsrück region. The seven Enercon E-141 turbines with a hub height of 159 metres produce around 67 Million kWh per year.

Whether during the planning and financing or the construction stage or when already in operation, we will identify tweaks which can be made to increase the economic efficiency and competitiveness of projects.

Work at wiwi consult

True to our motto "energy from expertise", we pool together the individual experience of our employees into a single well-functioning unit. This allows us to ensure maximum efficiency and professionalism in a small team. Everyone knows what he or she has to do and carries it out in a concentrated and focused manner.

Flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths lead to fast and uncomplicated solutions. For us, expertise has its technical as well as human components. The atmosphere within the team is characterised by its collegiality and friendliness. On stressful days, everyone gives each other a helping hand. Student assistants are just as much a part of our team as long-term employees.

The emphasis on a healthy work-life balance is of particular importance for us. We also attach great importance to personal responsibility in this matter: Everyone divides up their working hours themselves and holidays are not strictly limited. This allows parents to work in a family-friendly way and still be a part of their children growing up. A working atmosphere shaped by trust increases one’s own personal motivation and performance.

Renewable energy and sustainability lie at the core of our daily work. Those who forego their car to help the environment can comfortably get to work thanks to the Job Ticket or Job Bike and can also do something for their health at the same time. In addition to the personal development of our employees, their professional development is also important to us. We offer language courses, regularly send our employees on further training courses and are represented on a number of technical committees of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) and the German Society for the Promotion of Wind Energy (FGW). The benefits offered by wiwi consult are rounded off by a company-funded pension plan.

The action doesn’t stop at the end of the working day either. A beer or two after work in relaxed company is just as much a part of things as the obligatory football prediction games.

We look forward to any newcomers who can enrich our team both professionally and personally. If you are interested, please send us your unsolicited application - and perhaps you will soon be part of our team.

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